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Customer Relationship Management - CRM - is a real industry 'buzz word'. At ISWISE we believe in plain English and we don't think CRM is anything new - it means knowing your customers, understanding your customers and communicating with your customers - all basic requirements of a successful travel business.

ISWISE can't tell you how to manage your customer relationships, but we can help you to do it. Below are some key areas  where our experienced staff can help you maintain good customer relations.

Customer Feedback Handling: Are those post travel letters stacking up? With no immediate impact on the 'bottom line' responding to post  travel correspondence is an oft neglected area.  ISWISE staff possess excellent letter writing skills and all round industry and destination knowledge, enabling them to draft professional replies to all manner of complaints and queries. So why not let ISWISE knock a hole in your pile of 'reply pendings'!!

Small Claims and ABTA Arbitration: Many small (and not so small) businesses have little or no experience of Small Claims  proceedings at County Courts.  At ISWISE, our knowledge of these matters enables us to ensure you are properly prepared for such cases without the need for expensive lawyers. ABTA Arbitration means lots of paperwork - but if you don't do it you'll lose - so why not hand it to ISWISE and let them compile the relevant evidence while you concentrate on running your business!

Booking Conditions and EC Directives: Are you properly protected under the EC Directive on Package Travel? Are your Booking Conditions watertight? These and related questions are often overlooked until it's too late. Once the brochure's printed thats it! So for impartial opinion and advice on your booking conditions and related matters, speak to ISWISE.

Questionnaire Design and Analysis: Most companies crave feedback on their products to enable them to assess where the strengths and weaknesses lie and how to move forward in future seasons.  Questionnaires are the simplest way of obtaining this feedback BUT the questions are often badly designed and the questionnaire badly implemented, producing results that are worse than useless.  ISWISE can help you to design relevant questions and  ensure that the results are properly analysed enabling you to avoid waste and make use of the wealth of information generated in the future development of your business.





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